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Just five years ago the market was relatively strong, and weddings were notoriously over the top. Everyone wanted the big wedding, and most of them got it. One year later things went spiraling down so fast it left people and businesses with their heads swimming, and has take the last four years to start seeing some answers to how to handle the new economy.

Something that is often overlooked by businesses is that according to J. Walker Smith apparently people in middle budget bracket have, at least currently, almost disappeared. People who used to fit in that category are now struggling to pay bills, let alone spend a huge amount of money on an event like a wedding.

What this means to the wedding industry is that you as a business owner have to realize that you aren’t marketing to middle budget brides anymore. You are marketing primarily to low budget and high budget brides. Perhaps this is a big part of the puzzle in understanding why it’s so hard to marketing to today’s bride. What do you think? Have you had many middle budget  brides in the last few years, or are you seeing a new influx of middle budget brides in the market?

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0 thoughts on “Why Brides Aren’t Willing To Pay Mid Range Prices”

  1. Excellent points made by all.

    This article is aggregating another blog post suggesting that the middle budget customer is shrinking.

    In the wedding industry, more of those high-end couples are behaving little mid-budget couples…EXCEPT when your product or service is very important to them.

    We’ve found that we can charge higher end prices and book mid-budget couples by specializing in something they really want. If we’re at the top of their list, they’ll pay more for us and cut corners somewhere else.

  2. Brian Moore says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter about class or status, if people like what you are offering then they will book you. I only offer one photography option and it certainly works for me. Even the Queen of Britain is being budget conscious but she can afford to throw a good wedding.

  3. Anne Roos says:

    I have always been an advocate of having at least three packages. Most brides will gravitate towards the highest or the lowest package. The perception is that there is a choice. But I do not agree that the people who previously would go for the mid-range package now go for the lower package. Some go for the highest package, because they perceive it to be a better value for their money.

  4. I agree with Mary – I don’t see the middle class bride disappearing. We don’t have many high end brides in this area, so it’s either middle or low, and the low end brides are either not hiring a photographer or using a friend/family member.

  5. Sandra Smith says:

    sorry doesn’t seem to be the trend for me in the UK. I mostly book middle class. Budget brides are cutting cost by getting uncle Bob or family friend to shoot their wedding. Business for me this year is really up and also taking bookings for 2013

  6. Kristin says:

    I don’t know if “class” is the right word, but I can see that budgets across the board have slipped. The mid-range brides with moderate budgets are now looking at the lower end of the price spectrum. I’m not certain of what that means for our future marketing – the message may be “Raise your prices and target a higher budget market”.

  7. Mary C. Bower says:

    I don’t believe the middle class is gone..the “low class” aren’t going to come to me…it is the high class and mid class, and the mid class is still here, they are just more frugal…if they are more frugal, my question would then be…how would the low class have it or come to me if the middle class can’t? So I guess that means only the high class can come to me and other vendors because they are the only ones that have it according to your article. Seriously? This article is just placating what the WH wants you to play into…class warfare.

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