Avoid Wedding Day Blunders!

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As an experienced wedding planner, I’m sure you’ve been through many different situations.  There are several things that I’ve seen happen at weddings that could have been avoided had an experienced wedding planner been involved. The florist gets the delivery wrong; miscommunication with the officiant or caterer; uncooperative weather; members of the wedding party running […]

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How Can I Convince Brides of My Value Immediately?

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Are you sick of getting emails from brides who only seem to want to know about price? Not if you’re available, not the quality of your service, but HOW MUCH? You know you do excellent work.  That’s not the problem.  How do you convince her that you’re worth the price? There are some very specific […]

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How Your Biggest Competition is Your Best Friend

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Do you hate your competition? I remember feeling scared the first time I went to a local wedding professionals’ networking meeting.  All my biggest competitors were RIGHT THERE. What if I accidentally gave away one of my secrets?  Would they steal my ideas? But networking with our direct competitors has been responsible for generating thousands […]

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