The Not So Secret Habits of Wedding PR Savvy Pros

Bride with speech

by Meghan Ely   I’ve always been particularly envious of wedding pros who could grab a 120″ linen, a handful of flowers and some table numbers and turn it into a thing of beauty. Me? I’ve always been an excel spreadsheet girl. My couples’ Grand Entrances always started on time and my post-reception “what do we do […]

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Wedding Industry Trends and Advice from Weddings Beautiful

wedding planners

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Tucker of Weddings Beautiful. She provided some great insight and advice about the issues facing wedding planners today, along with some great ideas to help overcome challenges and have a successful wedding business. What is the biggest challenge facing wedding planners today? Today’s wedding planners face many […]

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How to Get the “On the Fence” Bride to Book NOW

dog wedding

Question: Does a “Limited Time Offer” Really Work to Get More Sales? I understand that the “this week only” thing is the scarcity tactic. We learned that in the BluePrint. It worked when you did it to me because I already trusted you and as it turned out you over-delivered with the blue print. So […]

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How to Get More Leads and Book ‘Em

couple cookies

Question: How do I find the leads that want my service and figure out how to package and price my services so that they are desirable? Hello Stephanie, I’m sure you get hundreds of emails from around the world and I know I’ve responded to your “what is your biggest problem” query before. Like many […]

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DIY Wedding Trends: I Do or I Don’t?

Wedding at titanic

With the rise of the do it yourself wedding trend, it seems there are two camps: those who violently oppose DIY for weddings and those who are embracing the trend. One such company is Story Mix media, whose DIY wedding video service was recently featured on ABC local news.  You can check out the video […]

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How to Get Paid More and Earn the Respect You Deserve

lady salute

In many ways wedding professionals don’t get the respect they deserve. Wedding photographers are criticized by peers for “selling out” and taking an “easy” job. Wedding planners are mockingly referred to as former brides who just didn’t want to stop planning the wedding. Wedding DJs are stereotyped as obnoxious, cheesy hacks who “just play music.” […]

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How To Make Business Personal

business conference

Social network has opened the door to giving that personal touch that brides have been looking for in the wedding vendors that they choose to work with. Catherine posted on WeddingWire Pros that according to Gary Vanderchuk they don’t just want to hear about the brand, they want to know that your company is human. […]

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How To Become the Bride’s Hero

We have all heard of and even experienced blunders that were made at a wedding which created a nightmare. According to Sharon Hill aka The Wedding Planner Mentor, most of those incidents are things that an experienced wedding professional would be able to prevent. You don’t have to be a wedding  planner to swoop in and […]

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