Bridal Lead Services: Are They a Waste of Money and Time?

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Question: What lead generation companies will provide worthwhile leads for us? “Hi Stephanie & Jeff, We have centered our marketing efforts around resellers, as in caterers, planners, etc. offering them preferred vendor status on our website, etc. in exchange for referrals and have found this to be, for the most part unproductive. Either those vendors […]

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How NOT to Get Referred By Other Wedding Pros

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Guest post by Jennifer Blaske I wanted to share something with you guys that I thought might be good blog fodder.  It’s a perfect complement to your blog post about “Why Your Networking Sucks.” Here’s the story… On a Facebook group for local wedding professionals, someone posted, “If anyone needs a [type of wedding pro], […]

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Why Your Networking Sucks and How to Fix It

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The way most wedding vendors try to network and build referrals relationships is DEAD WRONG. They do things like: Handing out stacks of cards to people they’ve just met. Telling everyone how amazing their business is–before they even have a chance to ask. Asking people to refer them at the first meeting. There is nothing […]

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Five Marketing Strategies for Wedding Planning and Management Business Startups

for Wedding Planning and Management Business Startups

by Shubh Das The wedding planning business is a relatively new concept though marriage itself as an institution has survived through centuries. However, the concept has been embraced well by many entrepreneurs of today because of increasing market demands, low overhead costs of running such businesses and high profits assured. Since event planning is such […]

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