3 Tips for Starting a Wedding Planning Business

By Megan Miranda 1. Keep Your Startup Costs Low Fortunately, starting a wedding planning business isn’t as expensive as opening a store or restaurant. You won’t have the cost of renting a large office space (at least at first) or purchasing expensive tools. However, there are some startup costs that you need to consider before […]

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4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Bottom Line

Unexpected Wedding

Guest post by Amy Green and Melanie Marconi, BDI Events. We founded our corporate event planning business ten years ago. The first few years were smooth sailing with predictable growth, and then…the Crash of 2008 hit! All of a sudden, our goals turned from increasing profit to cutting expenses, streamlining operations and holding tight to […]

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Why the Couple Doesn’t Get What You Do

Confused Couple

Question: Do you think my business is too specialized? “I have a couple of questions. (1) Do you think you can be too specialized? (2) Or what if the industry doesn’t understand (hence doesn’t value) what your specialty is? I am a wedding designer, not a planner. Everyone gets that very confused. Would love to […]

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Shocking Secret Shopper Results Reveal Wedding Pro Fails

fail stamp

It’s official: your follow up sucks and it’s costing you business. Most wedding pros SAY they follow up multiple times. They SAY they respond quickly. They say, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works to get a response!” You’re probably guilty of one of the 7 embarrassing reasons why the bride blew you off. Here are […]

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5 Ways to Book More Valentine’s Day Engagements

heart cake

Tis the season to get engaged!  While ⅓ of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, surveys predict that over 6 million couples will get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Think about it: all those Love Actually-loving, Notebook-watching couples who will very shortly be starting the bizarrely beautiful and positively stressful process of planning a […]

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