Trending Now: Taco Bell Weddings

The Wedding Stringer presents Trending Now, Taco Bell Weddings

It doesn’t take long for wedding pros to be in the business to know some couples really thrive on kitsch and irony. Such hipsters are not difficult to spot. The men in such couples will likely be sporting a handlebar mustache. The women will perhaps be wearing kitty-cat glasses. They both will be drinking PBR. […]

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Should I Be Creating Online Content For My Wedding Website?

Content marketing for wedding business

By Sam Brown If you’re keen to book more weddings, you’ve probably investigated a range of marketing options. From local print advertising to Facebook ads and special promotions, there are lots of avenues you may be considering pursuing to get your service noticed.     Among these options, you’ve almost certainly read about the benefits […]

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The Secret to Educating Millennials About Your Value

Wedding Business Educating Millennials

Yesterday’s wedding advertising doesn’t work like it did in the old days. Bridal shows, magazines, directory listings, newspapers — What? You mean those things we use to line the birdcage? — are not typically the best places to find today’s couples.   96% of Millennials use the internet to plan the wedding and 92% of […]

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How to Find the Hidden Gold In Your Wedding Business

Stop hiding your best stuff from your couples! 99% of wedding pros are sitting on “hidden gold” in their businesses. I’m talking about the good stuff that will: Makes your wedding business stand out from the competition. Positions you as completely unique…even if you technically aren’t. Creates a category of one for your business so […]

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How to Transform Your Wedding Business In 5 Minutes

5 minutes can transform everything in your life. Does this sound like self-help crap? Let me convince you. When I started working with Ishbel, a fabulous yoga and Pilates therapist, my biggest physical challenge was the tension in my low back. I’d learned to live with it, but every night I had to position myself […]

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Warning: Is Your Wedding Business a Bad Idea?

  It happened again. Another email from a wedding startup company asking, “How can I get couples to want my new wedding product/service? They just don’t seem to ‘get’ it.” Does this sound familiar? The Mistake That Leads to a Failed Wedding Business My heart aches for them because they’re fighting a losing battle. If […]

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