7 Lies of the Wedding Business

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I asked wedding pros this question in a recent survey: “What’s the biggest obstacle standing in the way of getting what you want?” There were a variety of answers: “Not enough time.” “I’m too busy.” “I don’t have a marketing budget.” “FEAR.” And one that was probably the closest to gospel truth: “The person standing […]

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4 Ways to Attract and Book High Paying Weddings

Bride in Field

Question: How do I attract more high-end couples? “We are a wedding venue and thanks to the Wedding Blueprint and the techniques in the program we have increased our wedding bookings.  Our goal is to book higher end brides who want all-inclusive packages. Most of our brides to date have been budget brides in the […]

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Is Your Age Killing Your Wedding Business?

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Question: I had my worst year ever. I’ll be 67 soon – do you think my age is killing my business? Dear Stephanie and Jeff, I live in a small town.  I used to DJ at several of the local radio stations and have been in the DJ business more than 25 years.  This was […]

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How to Break Into the Wedding Business

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Question: We already have a successful business in the corporate market.  How do I start offering our services for brides and grooms? “Hi Stephanie, We are a 60 year old company. In essence, we pioneered the AV rental and production business in this market. We have a very strong corporate presence and are involved with […]

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