If I Give Value For Free, Does That Mean I’m Cheap?

cheaper board

A lot of wedding vendors complain about brides who expect something for nothing. In his book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price, Chris Anderson describes the difference between those under 30 and those under 30 when it comes to “free.” Most of our brides are under 30.  Most of us…aren’t. Mama taught us that […]

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Whose Wedding Business Will Be Next to Fail?

A recent post from EWedNews reminds us about the recent failures of wedding businesses like Emerald Bridals and After Six.  Before the recession, these guys probably would have made it.  But now… Read the full article about More Probable Failures Are Being Watched in the Wedding Business here. Of course, it’s undeniable that the wedding […]

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Book More Brides Business Solutions

“We help Wedding Professionals who are truly the BEST at what they do…but aren’t so great at Getting Leads and Booking Weddings…Build a 6 Figure Wedding Business this year…without fighting with “Price Shoppers” or Wasting Thousands of Dollars on expensive Bridal Marketing that doesn’t work.” I Have a Few Questions For You… Are you among […]

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