Social Media and Weddings?


Did you see that viral video floating around the internet some time ago where the bride and groom kissed to seal their vows?  And then pulled out their phones to update their Facebook relationship statuses to “Married”? Funny and cute?  Or tacky? Yes, social media is becoming the norm nowadays.  Hell, I’ve caught myself almost […]

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Avoid Wedding Day Blunders!

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As an experienced wedding planner, I’m sure you’ve been through many different situations.  There are several things that I’ve seen happen at weddings that could have been avoided had an experienced wedding planner been involved. The florist gets the delivery wrong; miscommunication with the officiant or caterer; uncooperative weather; members of the wedding party running […]

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Make It Happen!

Everyone has 30 seconds to make someone feel welcome.  Everyone can bring a smile to someone’s face in that time.  Everyone has time to make a customer feel important and taken care of. Don’t believe me?  Try it. Seriously, it drives me nuts when I hear “I don’t have time.”  I know.  Life is crazy […]

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Great Marketing Strategy for Photographers!

nikon camera

Need a cool way to drum up business?  Check this out, what a great idea!! It’s a marketing campaign for wedding photographers.   Find your target demographic.  Like Bridal shops, for example.  Put together some nifty little gift vouchers – get creative!  Great looking packaging is key!  The gifts should be something to do with […]

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Results CAN Be Guaranteed!

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Sound familiar? Too often the blame is placed on “others” when results aren’t what were expected. “I went to this class, but I didn’t learn a thing.”  Did you take notes?  Did you pay attention?  Did you study for the test?  Or […]

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6 Ways to Keep the Money You Make

money roll

I know of more than one business that has a concept or product that is so rare and so needed, that if done right…well, their business could EXPLODE.  We’re talking Fortune 500 here. Sales can be in place and booming.  Your product could be flying off the shelves.  Your phone could be ringing off the […]

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Oops! Don’t Read This Email

Ever hit “send” while writing an E-mail and say….”Oops!” So have I.  I’ve been too forward, too mean, said something I didn’t mean to, or just plain sent it before I was ready..  And immediately regretted sending the E-mail the second I hit “Send.” There’s an Undo button in just about every program out there. […]

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