How To Get More Done In Less Time

time management

The dangers of multitasking while working in your wedding business aren’t very extreme, except when it comes to your work time. Each time you let yourself get distracted and switch tasks you are actually slowing yourself down. This doesn’t just apply to being interrupted by outside sources, but also applies when you try to do more than one thing […]

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Figuring Out Time Management

stressed lady

Time management in a wedding business is probably close to the number one most important thing you need to figure out to make your business successful. Obviously that means making lists of what you have to do and working your way through it. My life is run by lists, but that isn’t just where it […]

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3 Steps To Be More Productive

distrusting guy

So you are running your own wedding business which is really cool, except for how much time you are spending every day on it. You are probably like the rest of us, wondering how on earth you can get everything done that you need to, but still have time for outside activities like spending time […]

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