Question: How do you get more brides to your website so that you can capture those leads?

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Hi Stephanie,

We have watched your newest videos for wedding vendors and had a question for you. You said that the “37 Ways to Wow” really got the ball rolling for your company. My question is, how did you get your site in front of brides so that they could opt in to receive the guide?

We are struggling tremendously with getting in front of brides. We are doing the social media thing, blog posts, guest blog posts, hired a company to help increase our SEO, and are working on inbound link building. We are also trying to network with other vendors and ask them to share our posts and we will do the same for them (we feel our posts contain valuable content and are worth sharing), although this is not going well at all. We seem to be working harder than ever to put out great content and get our site out there, but it’s just such a struggle.

Did you do anything different to get your website seen so that brides would sign up for the report? And how did you advertise the report on your site?

Thanks for your help!



Hi, Jamie!

From what you’ve written and from a quick look at your website and blog (you’re in EXCELLENT shape with WordPress, by the way!) you’re doing all the right things to generate website visitors.

But there are two essential elements missing:

  • Local keyword phrases.
  • Consistent blog posts every week.


What do brides and grooms who are searching for a DJ in your area type in to the search engines to find one? That’s what you want to come up for on page #1 of Google so that they can find you, and to do that, those words must appear on your website and blog.

When the search engines look at your website and blog, they can only read text to figure out it’s about. Right now, I could only find one local keyword phrase on your website (“wedding DJ in Massachusetts and New Hampshire”) which is probably a little broad.

The local keywords that will bring in more targeted couples, and be easier to rank for, are probably terms like, “Andover DJ,” “Andover weddings,” or other terms that contain the names of your region, county or large cities that get a lot of searches, but don’t have as much competition as “Massachusetts DJ.”

You can use the Google Keyword Tool to find out which search terms get searched for the most.

Put those specific keyword phrases on your website in the following places so that you get found for those terms. (I saw you have the YOAST plugin, so that should make it easy.)

  • Page titles.
  • URLs.
  • Tag and categories.
  • Blog post titles.
  • In the text on your pages.

WARNING: Don’t overuse local keywords on your site. Google just cracked down on this in the latest Penguin update. When in doubt, make sure it makes sense and is useful for your website visitors first; don’t just cram keywords in there for SEO reasons.


You should post a 100-200 word article about local wedding topics and containing local keywords at least once per week, preferably 2-3 times. You’ll see your website traffic steadily increase over the next month or so.


Guest blog posts on other websites with a link back to your site are a great way to earn backlinks. Make sure you write up each wedding you work, credit and link to the vendors, and send them a link to your blog post.

Especially make sure you send the bride and groom a link to your post of their wedding. This earns backlinks and get traffic and shares on social media naturally.

You can also improve the effectiveness by making your Bride Bribe offer more prominent on EVERY page of your website. Consider adding your email opt-in form to a popup with Pippity or Popup Domination, which work well with WordPress.

Get more FREE info about how to capture more bride leads in our free video series here.

Keep up the good work!


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