Things NOT to do on a Sales Call

wise monkeys

Sales calls sound so simple, like falling off a log. The thing is that you are building a business relationship with the potential client. Needless to say there are a lot of pitfalls along the way that need to be avoided to turn the lead into a client. Geoffrey James has a list of 20 […]

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What Works in Sales?

living room

Have I mentioned how much I hate sales?  Pretty sure I have, but I’ll refresh your memory anyhow!  There’s almost nothing I hate more than being sold.  What I mean by “being sold” is being pressured and pushed.  I can’t say “NO” quick enough when I feel like I’m being sold.   The worst sales […]

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Do You Really Care How Your Customer Feels?

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Well, do you?  Regardless of whether it is your own business, or a job where you’re making an hourly wage to be there, customer service should always be your NUMBER ONE priority. This is just my two cents.  My humble opinion.  BUT I also like to think it is common sense, too? The blog I’m […]

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How to Attract the Young and Rich to Your Wedding Business

handbag man

I recently ran across an article on one of my favorite web sites “” having to do with attracting the high end client.  I’m a strong believer in applying lessons (winning strategies) from other industries to the wedding business.    Here’s the breakdown. Financial firms are being advised by Cisco Systems on how to get […]

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A Simple Trick That Will Boost Your Sales

Dove flying

I love this simple technique Natalie Bradley shares on her guest blog post over on the Black Star Rising blog.  You can check out her video here: Use a Free Gift With Purchase To Drive Your Photography Sales I am a HUGE fan of free.  It just works so wonderfully well. Why?  We get really […]

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Are You Selling Complicated to Brides?

biting nails

Ever notice how neurotic brides can be? Yeah.  So you’ve noticed. In most cases, they’ve been dreaming about their wedding day for years, and the day is all too swiftly arriving.  They’re full of hope for the future and fear that they’re going to mess it up. What Brides Really Need In this highly emotional […]

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Wedding Business: The Games We Play

Elegant chessboard

I love a great game. The strategy, the competition, the victory.  Hell, I even like the agony of defeat.  (As long as it’s not my defeat we’re discussing.) I’ve always looked at business through this lens.  It’s all a game. There are winners and losers. It’s not a zero sum game; you don’t have to […]

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