How to Create an Automatic Response That Books Weddings

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Question: How should I respond to email leads when they ask for prices? “Thank you for sharing your videos about the automatic expert system. I would like to implement it in my business. I have a question though about brides that contact you directly (they don’t sign up for your newsletter or the bride “bribe”). […]

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6 Unconventional Ways to Book More Brides

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The wedding industry is a competitive one. You may find yourself scrambling to book brides and find new clients. What’s a wedding vendor to do? Nowadays, you’ve got to get creative. Here are a few slightly unconventional ways to get your name out there that are sure to have the brides fighting each other for […]

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3 Free Marketing Tricks to Create a Flood of Wedding Leads

Free & Cheap Wedding Marketing Strategies video

When you’re a small wedding business, you can’t afford to waste a penny on expensive bridal advertising and marketing that doesn’t work. We started with no connections in the wedding industry, no experience, no leads…and not much more than pocket lint to spend on promotion.  Still, we managed to build our wedding business up to […]

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Bridal Lead Lists: Crap-tastic Wedding Marketing

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Buying email lists for your wedding business is a craptastic idea. Maybe you’ve seen the ads.  Bridal leads from various sources like bridal registries, wedding publications and other wedding related sources promise 5,000 bride emails on the cheap. First of all, there is nothing cheap about going down this road. The cost to your business […]

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What Seinfeld Can Teach You About Booking More Weddings

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There’s an episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza comes to the conclusion that everything he does is WRONG, and that’s why his life sucks.  Jerry tells him, “If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right!” George decides to do the exact opposite of everything he would usually do.  […]

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