How to Book a Client at the First Meeting

Couple kissing

The first time you met with prospective clients you were probably nervous and sweaty. As a seasoned wedding professional, your meetings likely go more smoothly now. If not, or if you’re unable to book clients at the first meeting, follow these tips to improve your skills. You should feel comfortable and confident, signing contracts with […]

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7 Secrets of High End Wedding Pros

Luxury Bride Relaxes

Ever wonder about the difference between the wedding businesses who attract high end leads and prosper, and those who don’t? One of the fastest ways to become a high end wedding professional is to do what they do.  It’s not just luck; it’s a repeatable recipe for success. #1 – They outsource and delegate. There’s […]

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The Secret to Predictable Success

wedding cheers

Know thy Numbers! If there was a 10 Commandments of Business, I’m sure this would be one. “Know thy numbers or pay with eternal business damnation.” Alright, maybe not damnation but damn, your making it way harder than it has to be. We were recently featured by Ontraport, the software we use to help run […]

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Why Sales Is Like Dating

2 stone hearts

By Heidi Thompson What would you do if someone came up to you and asked you to marry them? Unless you’re really itching to marry a stranger, you’d probably be kind of freaked out, uncomfortable and would look for a way to escape the situation. You probably don’t realize it, but this is exactly what […]

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How Do I Get Couples to Hire Me Sooner?

Dancing couple

“My biggest frustration is unrealistic expectations. I teach Brides and Grooms how to dance for their wedding. Many of them believe I carry a magic wand and I can make them instant dancers days before their wedding. However down here in reality, it takes 3 to 6 months to feel adequate dancing with a partner […]

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How Do You List Your Prices On Your Website?

folded bills

“Assuming you list your packages and prices on your website, do you list the cheapest package first and then have them in ascending order so your biggest is at the end OR do you present your biggest and best first on the page and the smallest/cheapest right at the bottom of the page. I guess […]

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