Confident_Bride_Worried_GroomThe Wedding Report just released the 2011 numbers in it’s recent report on US wedding trends. Outlook: not so sunny, according to more than 10,000 brides that were polled this year.

Spending is down nearly 3.5 percent from 2010. That means less money in your pocket.

So what are brides spending their money on? Not entertainment, which was down an average of 7 percent. Flowers and decorations also took a hit. It seems that brides are more interested in the actual day, the planning, and the execution.

Brides are holding onto their money, and their credit cards. This means that we as wedding vendors are going to have to get creative and show brides our value and uniqueness at the first meeting.

But in order to do that, you have to understand where brides are spending the big bucks and where they’re cutting back.

Want to know more? Learn all the details and see how these changes will effect your business in the Wedding Report’s Ceremony & Reception Study 2011 Report.

(There is a fee to download the full report, but it’s well worth the money for US vendors to find out what’s really happening right in your neck of the woods…down to your zip code!)

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  1. ‘That means less money in your pocket’ – it certainly means less money in someones pocket but if you follow advice from Book More Brides it might not be you – let others lose out as you keep up to date with top tips and advice.

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