Google’s New Update: Is Your Wedding Business At Risk?

Google Penguin

Big Changes (and a Penguin!) Are Coming to Google’s Search Engine Results Every business owner wants to see their company name on Page 1 of Google, and if you’re following best practices, Google’s new “Penguin” wants to help you get there too.  Learn more about the history of Penguin updates here. If you only read […]

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How Do I Get Couples to Hire Me Sooner?

Dancing couple

“My biggest frustration is unrealistic expectations. I teach Brides and Grooms how to dance for their wedding. Many of them believe I carry a magic wand and I can make them instant dancers days before their wedding. However down here in reality, it takes 3 to 6 months to feel adequate dancing with a partner […]

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The Secret Email Spam Problem No One Warns You About

Gmail Spam Folder

What this wedding photographer was sharing horrified me. “Our email inquiries dropped. I thought we just needed to do more marketing,” he said. “Then we finally figured it out. The email notifications from the contact form on our website were going straight to our Spam folder. We’d been missing every single inquiry from our contact […]

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2 Reasons Why Brides Don’t Respond to Your Emails

Bride Checking Internet

One of the top questions we get from wedding pros is “why hasn’t the bride responded to my email?” Especially if they were the ones who asked for information – why are they not responding? There are two possible reasons you may not have considered: they didn’t get your email, or they didn’t even open […]

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10 Tips from Expert Wedding Bloggers

Bride and Groom

You’ve heard it time and time again – your business needs to have a blog. Having a blog allows you to show your expertise, attract new brides and grooms and increase your business, yet some wedding pros just haven’t embraced it. Don’t know what to write about or how to find time to blog in […]

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SEO Tips from a Destination Wedding Photographer

Playa del Carmen

Guest Post by Misti Marquette Cooke. This is a completely real and honest post about what I’ve learned about SEO and marketing our destination photography business from Mexico.  For many photographers, we get our first camera and think that once we learn how to use it correctly, we’ll have a cash cow on our hands! […]

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Using HARO to Get Press for Your Wedding Business

Wedding Magazine Spread

Did you know getting your wedding business mentioned in the press can be a simple as reading and responding to an email?  Well it can be if you use HARO, which stands for ‘Help a Reporter Out’.  It is a free daily email service that connects reporters, blogs and publications to people that can provide […]

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