7 Secrets For Constant Word of Mouth Referrals

How to Create a Flood of Word of Mouth Referrals

In preparation for our new workshop, “How to Create a Flood of Word of Mouth Referrals,” I’ve been searching out the best strategies for getting recommended by clients and wedding pros. Word of mouth means you’ll need to get people talking…about you. These types of leads are so powerful because: They provide social proof, evidence […]

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6 Online Marketing Tools to Help Even a Novice Succeed

bride and girl

By Kelly Rice Owning and operating your own wedding business may be a common dream, but few people consider the logistics of marketing their business once they set up shop. In the wedding business, marketing is all about making a connection with couples that translates into a professional relationship.  For wedding planners and other professionals […]

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7 Ways to Create an Engaging Wedding Blog Right Now

Nose to nose

By Kaitlin Jones So you want to start a blog for your wedding business, but you’re not sure what works?  You’ve come to the right place! A blog is a wonderful way to capture your business’ voice, while offering your audience more than, well, just what you’re offering!  Share insight with your followers, promote your […]

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5 Tips for Creating Viral Content

Mitch Wedding

By Kelly Rice Viral content has become today’s marketing Holy Grail.  Everyone wants content that creates a buzz, captures the imagination and – most importantly – gets people talking. After all, viral content is the best form of free marketing since your readers do the work for you. But how can your content compete in […]

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5 Ways to Get Free Press for Your Wedding Business

bride kissing groom

By Kevin Miller It’s the goal of all small business owners: getting that much need publicity for your business or brand. You know you need to get your name in front of new couples and raise awareness for your service or product. But how can you get that necessary advertising without breaking the bank? Here […]

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Simple Tool Gets More Real Leads For Your Website

Gorgeous bride

You’re probably losing leads right now…and you don’t even know it. Problem: Most of your website visitors leave and never come back. Here’s how to know if this is happening to you.  Ask yourself: How many website visitors do you have each day? How many LEADS do you get from your website each day? What […]

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How Can I Get Brides On the Phone?

vintage bride on phone

Question: “No matter how hard I try, I can’t get potential brides to call me rather than always getting emails, SMS’s, FB posts!! Is there any way at all to get them to pick up the phone?????” Answer: Get off your high horse and learn to speak Millennial already. Let me get this straight… You’re […]

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