What to Say When Following Up with Brides

As a wedding vendor, you have leads coming in from bridal shows, referrals, social media, and website forms. The question arises, what do you say when it comes time to follow up? Here are a few tips to use when planning your method of reaching out to your potential clients: 1. Make it personal – […]

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Why I Finally Decided To Hire An SEO Professional

Wedding Business hires SEO PRofessional

After taking Steph & Jeff’s blogging course and learning tons of SEO tricks and tips, I patiently waited for my Google rank to improve…but there I sat on page 8 for freakin’ ever. They taught us that we should not expect overnight results, but, after a year, and knowing I was doing so many things […]

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How To Get More Referrals in 2016

By Megan Miranda We all make New Year’s Resolutions that are personally unrealistic, like losing that last 10 lbs. or finishing that undone house project. For years, I vowed to stop being late, which I honestly still haven’t completely achieved. One attainable resolution that you can certainly keep is to get more referrals in 2016! […]

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5 Ways to Book Wedding Clients Without Meeting Them

By Megan Miranda With YouTube, Pinterest and other social media platforms, potential clients can learn a lot about you before you’ve even said hello. For this reason, brides may send you an email getting straight to the point — what are your prices? Read on to learn how to book this tech-savvy bride without ever […]

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6 Tips For More Holiday Engagement Leads This Season

By Megan Miranda It may be called the “holiday season,” but as an experienced wedding professional, you know this is really the engagement season. Although more weddings actually take place during the summer months, 19% of engagements occur in December. This means that the winter “off season” can be the most wonderful time of the […]

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10 Unforgivable Website Mistakes of Wedding Pros

10 Unforgivable Website Mistakes

Is your website attracting leads or driving them away? If your website isn’t working for you, it’s likely that you’re making one or more of these unforgivable mistakes. They’re “unforgivable” not because I’m going to hold it against you (unless you need a kick in the butt—then I’m you’re girl) but because they’re so easy […]

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Does Periscope Work For Wedding Leads?

The internet has been abuzz about Periscope being the next big social media platform ever since it officially launched in March of 2015.  But does it live up to the hype when it comes to the wedding business? Let’s explore why you should care and how real wedding professionals are using it to build their […]

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7 Reasons Why Brides and Grooms Don’t Contact You

7 Reasons why Brides don't contact you

You’ve got people visiting your website, but no one fills out your contact form.  People stop by your booth at the bridal show, but don’t answer the phone when you call.  Your online advertising is sending you traffic, but no leads. What the heck is going on? Chances are good that you’re making one or […]

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