Book More Brides Growth Academy
Attract and convert more wedding leads into paid bookings
Most wedding professionals are great at what they do, but struggle to attract and convert enough leads to grow their business.

We offer a program that gives wedding pros the content and the clarity they need to create a consistent flow of high-converting leads and a simple plan to clear the way for major business growth.

The Growth Academy is a wedding business growth program that combines simple but powerful marketing and business education with the mentorship the wedding industry has been missing.

As a Growth Academy member, the Book More Brides team will walk alongside you to help you transform your marketing and sales efforts and rapidly grow your wedding business by providing:

  • Personalized coaching support
  • Templates for emails, website, business messaging and more 
  • Results-driven accountability
  • Live and on-demand training sessions 
  • A community of driven, focused wedding business owners to connect with and share ideas
  • And much more
From the moment you join the Book More Brides Growth Academy, we begin putting your personalized plan in place by walking you through our 5-step business growth plan:

  1. One-on-one coaching session with Nick to clarify your business goals and create a simple plan to move you forward on them
  2. Strategy session with Kate to create marketing messaging that resonates with your perfect clients
  3. Developing a personalized, easy-to-implement marketing plan to more consistently attract and convert leads into paying clients 
  4. Adding automation and communication tools to quickly connect you with leads so they won't "ghost" you
  5. Clarifying and reviewing your ads and other sales strategies to start sending couples your way and scaling your business

And that's just the first few weeks!

You only need 2-4 hours per week to begin implementing this methods. Whether you want to move at warp speed or slow and steady, the Book More Brides team will be by your side at every step.

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Our easy-to-follow, actionable 5 step process will get you started right where you are - but more importantly, it will guide you to where you want to be.

From weekend warriors to full-time six-figure wedding business owners, we'll show you how to finally get those big goals and dreams into a practical, do-able plan.

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I have a few questions for you to make sure we’re on the same page:

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Do you need more quality leads for your wedding business that aren't all coming from the same place?
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Do you want a wedding business to pay the bills AND give you the money and freedom to be financially secure and spend time with your family despite the ups and downs?
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Have you been feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it?
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Wondering how you are going to fill your calendar with the wedding bookings you need this year, without wasting your money on resources that don't produce results?
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Even if you're short on time, the Book More Brides Growth Academy takes you step-by-step through the four elements of our Wedding Business Roadmap - Attract, Convert, Serve and Refer - to build a thriving, profitable wedding business.

We guide you with the tech and marketing,
so you can focus on what you love to do.

Wedding Pro Surveys Reveal These Disturbing Facts:
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The average wedding business surveyed makes only $25,000 per year.
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84% said they were overwhelmed with information.
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The #1 challenge is not having enough leads.
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It’s no wonder so many good wedding pros are struggling.

And with so much to do, juggling a family, taking care of a home as well as a running a business, you don’t have TIME to add on more tasks.

Introducing the Book More Brides
Growth Academy

If you have the drive to book more brides and grow to the next level of your business, then this is the program for you!

In our Growth Academy Group Coaching, you'll learn how to use a powerful series of road maps and systems that will finally give you the "A HA!" moments you need to unlock your business success.

You will have a team of experienced wedding professionals and business growth experts with you to keep you accountable, answer questions, and most importantly, teach you the steps you need to continue to grow. 

Here Are the Steps the Growth Academy Group Coaching Will Walk You Through:
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Referrals, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, bridal shows, and the list goes on. 

Leads can come from a number of places, but it can be hard to know where you should spend your time and resources to attract the right clients.

Learn from our coaching team which platforms are right for your business, and how to optimize your lead generation process so you are getting leads even when you are asleep!  


It's not enough to have leads; you need to convert them! 

Your website, response time, and follow-up all play a major role in booking your ideal bride, but you also need a foolproof plan to close the deal. 

You will learn to use automation combined with personalized communications to increase your touch points with each couple and easily follow up with both "buy now" and "buy later" brides.

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Booked! Your calendar is filling up and you need to balance incoming leads with current clients. 

Don't let the hours in the day be your bottleneck. Learn how to create systems that allow your business to be self-sustaining and to stay running even when you take a day off! 

Differentiate the $100 tasks from the $10 tasks and spend your time serving your clients instead of letting your business control your time. 



You are now booking more of your ideal clients, spending less time on your business operations and more time serving your clients, and they feel the difference! They are raving about you to their friends and family...don't miss the opportunity for those easy referrals. 

Plan ahead and automatically send testimonial requests and referral perks to your brides when your services are over. 

What You Get in the Growth Academy:


Customized Mentorship through
 the Full 6 Months

* Coach with Kate & Nick directly AND our Strategy Coaches up to 2x per week
* Weekly checkpoints with your very own BMB Coach who is your accountability buddy + progress monitor
* Specific milestones and metrics checked on with your BMB Coach

Access to the Membership Portal 24/7

You will receive access to PDF resources that break down the actions for each part of the course.

* Email templates
* Swipe files
* Scripts
* Audio walkthroughs
* Video how-to's
* Printables + downloads

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Planning and Feedback for Growth & Accountability

* 5-step progress plan to help you gain quick wins AND grow for the future
* Business planning and strategy development with Nick to create a simple plan that clears the way for business growth


How to Close Clients 

* A growing library of scripts to incorporate into your conversations to close more couples, get past the price issue, and move them from cold to sold  * Live practice if needed using these tools to build confidence and get supportive feedback

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Email Templates + Customization

* Email templates to use as a base
* Work with our team to make your communications convey your value and personality
* Help you brand and customize your messaging to attract your perfect client
* Work with our experts to best leverage your CRM to powerfully funnel your clients for a steady stream of leads

Supportive and Knowledgeable Facebook Community

* Ask your biggest questions to our active community of hundreds of wedding pros!
* Share your challenges and successes with people who get it
* Find peer accountability partners and network with the coolest wedding pros from around the world
* Post questions and wins in between your coaching calls each week for support from our staff and your other BMB Growth Academy colleagues!

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* Fun and lively weekly live video session with Kate, Nick and the BMB Team
* Talk about the biggest topics in our industry
* Get your biggest questions answered and your problems solved

Bonus: Library of All Past Workshops

* Get instant access to our entire library of past workshops - more than 60 high-quality discussions with industry experts and the BMB Team

Resources Libray

* List of preferred tools and resources to automate your processes and grow your business, while maintaining & even improving your customer service
How has the Growth Academy helped wedding pros like you? 
Listen to Brady share his business transformation so far!
"From the Webinars and their tools to the live meetings with Nick and Kate, these were all essential steps in learning what is best for my business and where I needed improvements that ultimately resulted in boosting my business leads by over 30% in just over 1 month! The traffic just keeps coming and I am so excited to see what this next year holds for me and my business with Book More Brides to help me along the way."
Charlie Rodgers, Wedding Planner
"Nick and Kate are competent, dedicated business professionals that understand the value of work-life balance. As coaches, they helped me narrowly tailor a plan for my media business based on my lifestyle, wishes, and goals for the business. They assisted me in drawing up a plan for my business based on many factors including the needs of the current market, the scale I wish to build my company, and many other essential components to building the business I envisioned. Nick and Kate are passionate about helping small businesses grow. The power couple has an effective dynamic, each playing their strengths to help YOU grow. I highly recommend utilizing their expertise.”
Shannon Burke, Videographer

The Growth Academy provides content and clarity coupled with accountability + support you're looking for.

You'll see both immediate and long-term results with these strategies, which are designed with the busy wedding professional in mind. 

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If you have the drive to book more brides and grow to the next level of your business, then this is the membership for you!

In our Growth Academy Group Coaching, you'll learn how to use a powerful series of roadmaps and systems that will finally give you the "A HA!" moments you need to unlock your business success.

You will have a team of experienced wedding professionals and business growth experts with you: keeping you accountable, answering questions, and most importantly, teaching you the steps you need to continue to grow after graduating the Academy. 

Register today and be on your first coaching call this week! 

Register by clicking below. Let's do this!

Investment in The Book More Brides Growth Academy

  • Two Weekly Strategy Coaching Group Calls (with 1:1 laser sessions)
  • One Weekly Online Marketing Group Session (to help you set the foundation or scale and grow further)
  • Private Facebook forum (where questions are answered by Kate, Nick + team, along with insights from your fellow members)
  •  Your Own Accountability Coach (to keep you on track, focused, and motivated in between the Weekly Calls)
  • Audios, Videos, Templates, Swipe Files, and More (how-tos on everything you need)
  • Access to the Book More Brides Membership so you you can access 60+ expert workshops (and growing each month!), whenever you need it

You can also pay-in-full and receive a 10% discount

Book More Brides is more than just a name...
it's what we're committed to helping you do!

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Meet Nick & Kate 
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We’re wedding pros like you, and over the last several years, we’ve been focusing our professional superpowers in digital marketing to build a national business from a simple idea.

Kate is a professional digital marketing specialist coming from the B2B and B2C marketing world, helping everyone from small local businesses to national museums and companies like Microsoft share their stories online; and Nick is a professional educator who knows how to teach any topic to pretty much anyone, and has been in the digital marketing and business-building trenches since 2008. 

We’ve been on this journey ourselves, and we can’t wait to help you as well!

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