Building Your Wedding Business Roadmap

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Does your wedding business need a roadmap? We can all spend a lot of time in the name of hustling on our businesses, but most of us simply don’t take action because we just don’t know where to start. We don’t want to waste our precious energy or time on doing the wrong thing.   That’s […]

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Combating Bridechilla: Bridezilla’s alter ego?

Bridezilla's Alter Ego

Quick quiz. Which is worse, Bridezilla or Bridechilla? Wedding professionals, if we took a vote, right here, right now, which would you choose? I know that through your wedding business, you’ve met both—you’ve overheard a bridezilla discuss how she’s required her bridesmaids to dye their hair brown so she’s the only blonde, the bridezilla who […]

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5 Ways to Book Wedding Clients Without Meeting Them

By Megan Miranda With YouTube, Pinterest and other social media platforms, potential clients can learn a lot about you before you’ve even said hello. For this reason, brides may send you an email getting straight to the point — what are your prices? Read on to learn how to book this tech-savvy bride without ever […]

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4 Secrets to Boosting Your Leads With The Knot Advertising

4 Secrets

The Knot is one of the top visited wedding planning websites in the world.  With over 11 million unique visitors in the month of June alone from currently engaged and soon-to-be engaged couples (40% of brides surveyed visit The Knot before they’re officially engaged!) its advertising offers considerable lead opportunities. (Stats reported by The Knot.) […]

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The #1 Thing You Must Get All Your Couples To Do

By Adrienne Woolsey As far as Monday’s go, I haven’t had one as awesome as Monday, August 24th, 2015- sunny blue skies, sandy toes, the sweet smell of salt water and the new promise of getting to spend the rest of my life with my boyfriend after a surprise proposal on the beach! But before […]

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Are Your Wedding Business Prices Too Low?

Low Prices

With booking season around the corner, it’s a good time to take a look at your pricing and packages before you start meeting with new brides and grooms. How do you know if you need to make a pricing change? Check out the signs below – they are an indication that you are due for […]

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3 Signs That You Need to Dump a Prospective Bride

Last chance to run

Landing new clients is like dating – there are some brides and grooms you click with and others you don’t. While turning down work can seem like the kiss of death for your wedding business, there are times when saying “I’m just not that into you” can actually be a good thing.  When you come […]

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