Since we started our new free video series a few weeks ago, we’ve been simply flooded with email questions about the Automatic Expert System! Since it would be nearly impossible to answer them all individually, I’ve put together our answers to the most frequently asked questions…

What exactly IS this Automatic Expert System and how does it work?

The Automatic Expert System is a four week video training program that takes you step by step through the process of setting up and customizing an automated follow up system for your business that will help you capture more ideal leads, pre-sell them, follow up with them and stack the deck for an easy booking at higher prices…and 90% of it is pre-done and automatic.

You’ll need a few simple tools to make this work: an email marketing service (like Constant Contact, Aweber or Mail Chimp) and a way to organize your contact information. We’ll recommend our favorite free and paid versions.

You’ll also get tutorials to show you how to use any tools you need, along with all the done-for-you emails, free Bride Bribe reports, scripts, and templates you need to create your own automated follow up system.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our final video RIGHT NOW that will take you through exactly what we’ll cover in each week’s video, so make sure you enter your name and email here to make sure you’re on the priority notification list!

I’m a “non-tech” person. Will I be able to do this?

YES! We’ve outlined the process to make it simple enough for anyone to do. You don’t need any special skills.

There will be some minor technical details involved in setting up your system, so you need to be willing to learn and follow our instructions. If you’d like to use it with your website, you’ll also need the ability to make changes on it or have a webmaster who can do this for you.

None of it is very complicated. You’ll also have access to a Member’s Area where you can get help with your specific situation.

Will this system work with the email service or contact management I already have?

Absolutely! The Automatic Expert System provides training about the strategies to use in creating your automated follow up system.

We’ll be recommending our favorite tools for email marketing and contact management, but you can apply the same strategies and templates to the services you’re already using. Most of them work in a similar way, so you’ll be able to apply everything to what you have now.

Will this work for businesses outside the US?

YES. As long as the brides in your market are using the internet and email, these strategies will work for you. We’ll help you modify and customize the system to fit your unique business.

Your sequence of emails gives the bride tips that will make her wedding the WOWIEST, 🙂 but when are you addressing their wedding date and any other questions they have? Isn’t it keeping them from contacting us?

There are two types of communication involved in the automatic system we use:

  1. Requests for information (contact forms, direct email inquires).
  2. People who sign up for the “Bride Bribe” report and get our follow up email sequence.

We have our contact form set up so that people who request information also get an invitation to download our free report and join our follow up email list, so some people may be receiving BOTH types of emails from us.

The first type get a 90% pre-done response that is sent manually driving them to a phone call and/or meeting with you.

The second type, the follow up email sequence, is written to give great information to people who find your website but AREN’T yet ready to book, for whatever reason. These are the people who normally find your website and leave, usually never coming back.

There is a “call to action” included at the end of the follow up emails encouraging them to email or call us with questions, and the very last email has a direct call to action.

Our experience has been that brides stay on this email list for at least the first few emails before they contact us about our availability. It doesn’t take a hard sell or sales pitch to get this to happen because the follow up emails do it for us naturally.

These are leads you wouldn’t have captured at all without an automatic follow up system in place. Sometimes you’ll be able to “get in first” with couples who haven’t even chosen a location or date yet!

I do weddings, but I also work with the corporate and bar/batmitzva markets. Can I use this system with my website?

YES. These strategies will absolutely work for other markets.

You’ll want to have different pages…or even different websites…for each market you’re targeting, and you’d need a different “Bribe” for each type of client.

You need to think like a bride to figure out what to offer that will get her excited enough to give you her contact information. In the same way, you need to think like a barmitzvah client or a corporate planner to come up with an incentive for them.

I’m sure your time and energy are precious to you. So here’s what I suggest…

Which type of work is the most profitable and enjoyable for you? Are you already attracting these leads?

Create a system around the most profitable market you already have first. Then you can work on implementing these strategies for different markets.

This way you’ll be investing your time and energy where it will have the most impact the fastest rather than trying to do too much at once.

How much does it cost?

Okay, we’ve been getting this question A LOT. We aren’t quite ready to reveal the final numbers because we’re still getting everything set with our shopping cart. We’ll be releasing a video with all the details very soon!

I can tell you this…we’ve invested over $10,000 in marketing training over the past few years alone. Knowing how much money our Automatic Expert System has made for us, I’d easily pay $2,500 for this information. Well, you won’t have to pay even ¼ of that price!

Got a question about the Automatic Expert System that we DIDN’T answer? Leave a comment and sign up for our priority notification list for the latest updates here.

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8 thoughts on “Answers to Your Questions About the Automatic Expert System”

  1. How much is the automatic expert and how do I buy it? Its just what I am looking for!

    1. Hang in there! It’s opening up next week and you can get the details here:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you,, I am about 2 months out of the new business gate…I love your tips and can
    t wait for the
    expert system,,, thank you ever so much,, ok another email,,, you really don’t need to answer… I will be around for a while… I am NOT going to get a J.O.B. I want my business to thrive…


  3. Anonymous says:

    As I’ve been reading your emails, my concern is, being only a ‘one system’ busines, will we be able to justify the cost of the program. With all other expenses to running a business in this economy, I question what the ‘rate of return’ will be with yet another marketing approach added to our existing efforts? Thank you

    1. Anonymous says:

      Same question I have.. Im mostly a single OP too bust sometimes use other DJ’s when needed. If the cost is too high for people like us, we wont be able to purchase and use….

      [quote name=”Greg Mancini”]As I’ve been reading your emails, my concern is, being only a ‘one system’ busines, will we be able to justify the cost of the program. With all other expenses to running a business in this economy, I question what the ‘rate of return’ will be with yet another marketing approach added to our existing efforts? Thank you[/quote]

      1. Anonymous says:

        I agree, it’s just little old me here and I have to do EVERYTHING, so I’m all for time saving systems, but I’m based in the UK and offer a very personal service and I need to know A LOT of information from the brides (dealing with wedding invitations and stationery) and I’m not sure I would be able to justify a large spend out for this system, or if it would work for me. There’s been a lot of talk that this works in any industry but no actual explaination of how it works. I already convert approximately 80% of all leads I have. Would this system really help my business grow?
        Thanks Kelly

        1. [quote name=”Kelly”]I already convert approximately 80% of all leads I have. Would this system really help my business grow?
          Thanks Kelly[/quote]

          Hi, Kelly!

          We’re putting the finishing touches on our final video right now that will explain exactly how this works. Hopefully that will answer all your questions on that front.

          This system is about catching the leads who AREN’T contacting you yet so that you can follow up with them automatically. These are the brides who land on your website or meet you at a bridal show, do some “window shopping” and then leave, never contacting them again. Normally, there’s no way to follow up with them.

          When you offer them a free report or “Bride Bribe,” you get permission to follow up with them. It captures those leads you’d normally miss and gives you a chance to book them.

          If you’re converting 80% of your leads (is that LEADS or MEETINGS/CALLS?) you’re definitely doing something right! If you already have enough of the ideal clients you want, this might not be the right investment for you.

          Will it help your business grow? Absolutely, or we wouldn’t be putting this out there. 🙂

          It’s not just about MORE leads…it’s about attracting BETTER leads in less time with less effort.

          Check out the last video which should be out early next week (if another hurricane doesn’t rock our world again) and let me know if you still have questions.

          Thanks for posting!


    2. Hey, guys!

      I think you’ll be really, really surprised at how reasonable the price is going to be. We’re doing our best to make it as affordable as possible for everyone. Knowing how much [i]I[/i] paid to learn this stuff, it’s a deal and a half!

      Keep your eyes peeled for the next video because you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether it’s worth the investment.

      Thanks for commenting!


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