What We Do

We empower wedding professionals who are awesome at what they do…but not so good at marketing and promoting…with strategies that will double your bookings and allow you to increase your price up to 70% and still book your calendar solid.

Our clients are the passionate owners of small businesses that work with brides and grooms, including photographers, DJs, event planners, travel and destination experts, officiants, musicians, stationers, venues, caterers, florists and more.

It helps to love what you do.



How We Do It

We’re known for our low cost, effective marketing strategies and powerful “anti-price shopper” communication techniques that get fast results…no sleazy sales tactics or expensive advertising required.  All of it delivered with a healthy and slightly irreverent dose of fun.


Who We Are

We’re Stephanie and Jeff Padovani, the husband-wife power duo behind Book More Brides.   We bring over 13 years of experience as 6 figure wedding business owners and over 30 years of combined experience in sales and marketing to the wedding industry.  We’ve incorporated what we’ve learned through years studying direct response marketing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, internet marketing, behavioral psychology, copywriting and collaborative sales techniques into the most kick ass training programs available for wedding professionals today.


Our Story

The newlyweds.

It all began with a workplace romance and a shared dream of escaping our day jobs when Jeff and I met on the job in 1996.  It wasn’t all sunshine and roses; Jeff was in the middle of a divorce and struggling against a mountain of DEBT.   Thanks to our passion for helping people, our love for marketing and sales, my bad ass copywriting (and let’s not forget Jeff’s big mouth!) we created a wedding business that quickly became #1 in our local wedding market.   What started out as a way to make an “extra $500 a month” quickly became a full-time wedding business grossing over 6 Figures each year.  Together, we’ve partnered in the creation of two 6 figure businesses in the wedding industry, and our goal is to share what we’ve learned with you.

About Stephanie Padovani

stephAt age 13, I vowed to write a memoir, “when I was old and figured life out.”  Ha!  I’ve been compelled to write and communicate ever since.

Five years of suffering in the corporate world introduced me to the world of business and confirmed my need to work with people, rather than machines and paperwork.  An obsession with health and exercise (running, weight lifting, kick boxing, spinning, yoga)  led me to three years working in sales at a health club, where I developed my sales muscles and became the top sales performer.

Early “masterpiece” age 11.

Jeff initiated me to the challenging world of the self-employed when we started our wedding business.  It gave me the opportunity to apply everything I’d learned about business and sales, and I immersed myself in learning the art of sales copywriting and marketing communication, a perfect match for my writing, speaking and interpersonal skills.

I’m a certified Master Practitioner and  Master Coach of NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis and certified NLP Trainer.

Steph tempts fate by feeding the entire animal brood.

I’m a freelance writer whose works have been published in magazines such as Mobilebeat, Hudson Valley Magazine, Chronogram, Savvy Women’s Magazine, Edible Artists Network and featured on numerous wedding industry blogs such as Blackstar Rising, Wedding Industry Experts and Rock the Shot.

My free time is spent learning
, an eclectic mix of interests that may include SEO strategy, sales copywriting, energy psychology and Gurmukhi spiritual poetry.  My idea of a good time is seven days on a cold, deserted North Carolina beach in January with nothing but 10,000 words waiting to be written…or a lengthy yoga kriya that leaves me absolutely exhausted.

Warning: don’t be fooled by my sweet and friendly demeanor; my focus and drive makes me a  pitbull when it comes to getting things done.

About Jeff Padovani

jeff-headshotJeff is the most sarcastic SOB you’ll ever meet, and you’ll be charmed, in spite of yourself.

He’s a business marketing strategist and professional musician who’s performed for spellbound audiences at over 1,000 weddings.  A wicked case of ADD makes him the “big ideas” mastermind behind the three businesses we’ve owned together.  He may not be able to sit still for five minutes, but he thinks up more business and marketing ideas than you can possibly keep up with.

Jeff’s serial entrepreneurism began at age 11 when he sold seeds and greeting cards as a door to door salesman, and got in trouble for holding yard sales without his mother’s permission.  At age 21, he started his first successful retail business, and went on to accumulate over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing for several industries including retail, real estate and outside sales.

He’s certified as an NLP Practitioner and Coach, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy ®.

Yes, Jeff was a hot chick in the 80’s.

He currently owns almost a dozen guitars (at least that’s what he’ll admit to) and he supports his Gear Acquisition Syndrome aka “GAS” by buying low and selling high on Craigslist and Ebay.  Jeff’s your go-to guy if you’re ever caught in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Jeff possesses an uncanny ability to get you to spill your guts and a well-developed BS detector.  The one thing he can’t resist is a good debate, what he calls “bitch slapping” the knuckleheads of the world, and he’s been known to instigate a few arguments.  Just a few.

What We Believe

Empowerment.  You already possess the inner resources, talent and potential you need to create a successful life.  Our job is to inspire you with a kick in the butt and an action plan to get there.

Abundance.  You deserve a life of freedom, happiness and prosperity.  Once you uncover your passion and learn to communicate your value, the possibilities are endless.

With our ghetto dogs, RIP Violet.

Fast Action.  This is not the time to sit on your ass and think about it!  If what you’re doing now isn’t working, anything else you do is more likely to give you the results you want.

Transformation.  Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.  Change is often uncomfortable, but through growth we bring about the change we want in ourselves, our lives and the world.

Giving.  The fastest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.  It’s what we teach and it’s how we live.

Authenticity.  Your biggest gift to the world is being true to yourself and daring to make your dreams reality.  Align your business with your passion and you can do anything.

The Bottom Line: Why We Do What We Do

We’re sick of hearing people say, “You can’t make a good living in the wedding business.”   Hogwash!

We believe you deserve to do what you love and make a good living at it so that you can have the lifestyle you really want: house, family, travel, fun and whatever else your little heart desires.

Book More Brides is here to support you in making that happen.

Thanks for finding us and we look forward to hearing your story of success.

Be awesome!

Stephanie & Jeff

P.S. I’m the brains of the outfit who makes sure things get done on schedule, and Jeff makes sure nothing goes according to plan.  Between us, we manage to do some pretty amazing things.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you rock your wedding business.

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